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Blue Safari is one of the best guided tours you can do in Zanzibar archipelago. The name of Blue Safari comes from the beautiful blue color of the water surrounding the visited area. During Blue Safari you will have the opportunity to live an extraordinary expericence in the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar archipelago observing the colorful underwater life.

During Blue Safari you will be guided to a remote and relatively untouched area of Zanzibar archipelago so you can experience and enjoy the marine life in areas where the civilitation haven't left its mark.

blue safari local boat

Blue Safari Tour

Blue Safari is a full day tour and you will be saling with the guide in traditional local boats - dhows - which are 8-10 meters long. The excursion starts from the local village of Fumba (30-40 minutes drive from Stone Town).

In the bay where the Blue Safari takes place there are a few inhabited islands and sandbanks and the area is frequently visited by humpback and bottlenose dolphins.

Depending on tide and our luck, we have the opportunity to watch these beautiful marine mammals playing around the boat in the shallow waters of Marine Park of Menai Bay.

starfish in challow clear water

Blue Safari Snorkeling

The first stop will be on a sandbank where you can do snorkeling in shallow waters and see beautiful colored marine life. Fishes like Butterfly Fish, Angel Fish, Clown Fish will swim near you, and if you have an underwater camera you can make some beautiful pictures. And if you don't have it, I'm sure that these moments will become nice memories to remember.

After snorkeling, we will take a short break and enjoy local fruits like fresh coconut, mango, pineapple, banana to rehydrate yourself and wash the taste of salty water. You can rest a for a while under the shades we will set up for you before going to next stop of the Blue Safari.

Blue Safari Traditional Lunch

While we were at the sanbank enjoying the snorkeling, our cateter boat was on its way to a Kwale island to prepare our lunch. We will be welcomed by our chef who prepared for us a traditional barbecue lunch.

The lunch is a traditional Zanzibari buffet includin grilled fish, slipper lobster, octopus, squid, chichek, rice, tamarind, curry and coriander sauces, all fresh and served directly from the grill. Cold drinks and sodas will be available throughout the day.

After the lunch we will visit one of the attractions of the island, a giant baobab tree which is said to have fallen more than 300 years ago but it still alive and produces fruits.

When the tide will allow it, we will visit a beautiful mangrove forrest where you can swim and explore.

We will return to Fumba with the same local sailing boat at 3:30 PM.

Blue Safari Tour Recommendation

- Water shoes or sandals for boarding the dhows to protect your feet

- The sun is very strong, even under a shade, so please bring sunscreen to prevent sunburns to ruin your holiday

- A towel and a spare tshirt is recommended to have with you

- Restrooms are available on Kwale Island

- If you have any additional requests, please let me know when you book the tour so I can make the arrangements


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