Guided Tour on Prison Island - Zanzibar Archipelago

During your holiday in Zanzibar, it is strongly suggested not to miss Prison Island as part of a guided tour. I can guide you to Prison Island where you'll discover and explore the main attractions.

Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island or Quarantine Island, is located in Zanzibar Archipelago at 5 km North West from Stone Town, Zanzibar. In 1893 the former British Prime Minister of Zanzibar purchased the island and built a prison complex on it. The building was never used as a prison, instead it was a quarantine station for yellow fever cases. Nowadays, the bulding is used as a guesthouse for tourists.

During your guided tour, we will sail from Zanzibar and after 30-45 minutes we will dock at the shore of Prison Island. There, in the coral reef in shallow waters, you can observe beautiful star fishes, and collect a magnific shells as souvenirs.

giant tortoise on prison island zanzibar

Giant Tortoise Reservation

The giant tortoises from Prison Island are not local species; four specimens of Aldabra giant tortoises were received as a gift from the governor of Seychelles Islands in 1919. They found on Prison Island nice conditions to breed, so by 1955 the total number of giant tortoises from Prison Island Zanzibar increased to 200.

As part of your guided tour on Prison Island, we will visit the reservation and you'll be able to observe, interact and feed the tortoises. Very calm and friendly reptiles, they can be fed by hand. Children will especially enjoy this memorable experience!

You can also make small donations to the reservation to protect the giant tortoises of Prison Island Zanzibar.

old fort stone town zanzibar island

Old Prison Building

After visiting the giant tortoise reservation, I will guide your steps to the Old Prison buiding of Prison Island. Even if it's called like that, it was never used as a prison, instead it was used as a quarantine station for yellow fever cases.

Here we cam make a short break, enjoy some beverages and the beautiful view over the sea before continuing our tour. You can admire the colorful peacocks or spot baby antilopes. After that, you can refresh in the crystal clear waters of the shore of Prison Island, do some snorkeling and be amazed by the colorful sealife near the reef.

Prison Island is a very beautiful place to visit. As your guide during this tour, I will take care of all the logistics and reservations so you can fully enjoy your holiday.

After we finish the guided tour on Prison Island, we will return to Stone Town Zanzibar, where I can recommend you some nice local places for lunch or dinner. Keep in mind that, by request, I can provide a mobile phone with local sim so you can be always in touch with me for any inquiries or advices.


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