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Your visit in Zanzibar would be incomplete without seeing a spice farm and how Zanzibar's most famous spices are farmed and used to prepare food, cosmetics and medicines.

Spices are one of Zanzibar's main industries and cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper are the spices Zanzibar is famous for. For this reason, the islands of Zanzibar archipelago are also known as Spice Islands

spices from zanzibar island

Zanzibar Spices

The spices and herbs were first introduced in Zanzibar by Portuguese traders in 16th century from the Indian and South American colonies. Here in Zanzibar, due to a very favorable climate, the spice cultures thrived and became one of the major spice trade points.

Today, Zanzibar is one of the few places where safron is produced among many other Asian/Middle Eastern spices - cardamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, black and green pepper, etc.

Spice Tour

A spice tour is one of the most popular excursions in Zanzibar and I'll be glad to guide you and show you how the spices and tropical fruits grow on plantations. I will also describe the spice farming and harvestig process how the spices and herbs are used in cooking, and medicine or cosmetics.

You can touch and taste the spices and also buy some for personal use.

The spice farms are located near villages, so visiting a local village and see how people are living and even take a local swahili luch prepared with the spices seen at the farm.

The spice tour is a walking tour, so I advice you to wear confortable walking shoes and also have some cash if you plan tu buy some spices or scented oils.


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