Guided Tour in Stone Town Zanzibar

Stone Town is located Zanzibar and its name designates the old part of Zanzibar City. It is highly recommended to book a tour guide in order to discover and enjoy all the hidden architectural and cultural beauties of this old city, without getting lost in the maze of Stone Town's narrow streets.

It's very easy to book a day tour in Stone Town Zanzibar, just contact me, tell me when you arrive in Stone Town, and I can be your guide during your holiday in Zanzibar. If needed I can arrange a transfer from Zanzibar airport to your hotel. Visiting Stone Town during your holiday it's a must, and I will gladly be your guide during a day tour in Stone Town and I will show you all the hidden beauties of this amazing place.

About Stone Town

Stone Town Zanzibar is also known as Miji Mkongwe which means "Old Town" in swahili. This legendary site displays a beautiful and unique mixture of Indian, Persian, Arab and European elements and the name of "Stone Town" comes from the use of coral stone as a main construction material for the buildings an walls. Stone Town was designated as Unesco World Heritage Site in 2000.

It's the former capital of the Zanzibar Sultanate and during the 19th century was an important centre of spice and slave trade. The former slave market can be visited during a day tour in Stone Town.

One of the main representative feature of Stone Town 's architecture is the wooden doors decorated with rich carvings and sometimes with the Indian's traditional brass studs. Doors carvings are mainly Islamic in content but the Indian lotus flower representing the prosperity can be occasionaly seen.

house of wonders stone town zanzibar island

Stone Town - House of Wonders

Also called "The heart of Zanzibar", House of Wonders is located very close to Stone Town's seafront, near Forodhani Gardens and it's one most important landmarks of Zanzibar.

Built in 1883 for Barghash bin Said, the third Sultan of Zanzibar Island, was named House of Wonders because at that time it was the first building in Zanzibar having electricity and also the first buiding in East Africa having an elevator.

I can share a lot more information about this beautiful building as your guide in Stone Town Zanzibar.

old fort stone town zanzibar island

Stone Town - Old Fort

As part of your guided tour in Stone Town Zanzibar, we will visit together the Old Fort, which was built in late 17th century by the Omani Sultanate, in order to defeat Zanzibar against portughese attacks.

The Old Fort is the oldest buiding in Zanzibar and one the most visited landamarks in Stone Town. It's located near the House of Wonders, and beside visiting this beautiful fortification, you can also buy very nice souvenirs from the local merchands which have their shops inside of the Old Fort.

As your guide during your day tour in Stone Town, I can help you to communicate with the sellers, because some of them don't speak foreign languages so well.

old fort stone town zanzibar island

Stone Town - Freddie Mercury House

The former lead of Queen, Freddie Mercury (Farouk Bursala) was born in Zanzibar in 1946. His family arrived in Zanzibar as immigrants from India; his father used to work as accountat within the House of Wonders Zanzibar. The house he lived in is located very close to House of Wonders and the Old Fort, and during your trip in Stone Town, I will guide you to it.

Stone Town

There are so many more attractions in Stone Town that you can visit as part of a guided tour in Zanzibar! It might seem a little bit overwhelming to visit in a short period of time, but as your guide in Zanzibar I will organize the trip in a manner that allows you to enjoy the most important attractions in the most effective way.

We will also visit the local fish market and the spice market, the former slave market, the Hanami Baths, the most important churches and many more.

It will be my pleasure to be your guide in Zanzibar during your visit, and I can assure you that your trip will be safe and confortable.


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