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The Rock is the most famous restaurant in Zanzibar due to its unique location, where you can enjoy a delicious local meal, coocked from local fresh seafood or tasty italian food.

During a tour in Zanzibar, it's recommended to visit this beautiful place, just even to take a few photos. Visiting The Rock can be part of a day tour in Zanzibar.

the rock of zanzibar island

The Rock

This is a world-famous restaurant. The south-east coastline of Zanzibar is recognized as amongst the most beautiful in all over the world. The Rock is located at Michamvi Pingwe which is around one hour and a half away from Stone Town.

It takes just one look to understand that, the restaurant has received many good reviews not only for its extraordinary unique and beautiful locations, but also its fabulous food inspired by the natural resources. During your holiday in Zanzibar, Zanzibar guide would highly recommend you to visit this unique place, there you can discover the magic of the Zanzibaar island

In the Rock restaurant there is no any tour or excursion to do, but the Zanzibar guide would like to recommend you visiting there, for booking any other tours and we add it as an extra so that we can feel the nice breeze of the Indian ocean, that means that we can do any excursions in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening we could be there. Is always essential to avoid disappointment, the Zanzibar guide will book and reserve the nice table for you.


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